New research finds protein may help treat bone fractures

Orthopaedists spend a great deal of time helping patients recover from their fractures and now, a new study published in the journal Stem Cells may provide the key for expediting the healing process.

Not all skiers with torn ACLs need surgery, study finds

Despite that it's the perfect time to hit the slopes, get some fresh air and exercise, these athletes need to pay special attention to the stress these sports place on their bodies, as many find themselves in the office of orthopaedists after a bad fall or crash.

The quest toward meaningful use continues

Orthopaedists have a lot on their plates during a normal workday - completing administrative work, seeing patients, documenting their visits, communicating with other doctors and performing procedures.
EHRs to the rescue – why they can transform your orthopaedics practice

EHRs to the rescue - why they can transform your orthopaedic practice

Revamping the U.S. healthcare system has been a process for healthcare professionals all over the country, but thus far, there have been significant results in the improvement of patient care.

CMS releases new insight on meaningful use components

Meaningful use cannot be achieved overnight, which is why healthcare professionals and orthopaedists need to carefully prepare for the attestation process and find out what it will take for them to accomplish the necessary measures.

The clock is ticking for physicians who don't yet use EHRs

A letter published by the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that the country's overall adoption rate for electronic health records, especially among specialists, is still low.

AAPC offers workshop to educate medical professionals about coding compliance

The AAPC conducted approximately 75,000 audits all over the country to identify mistakes that healthcare professionals commonly make in the medical coding and documentation process.

All-metal hip replacements found likely to fail

Metal-on-metal hip implants have been used by orthopaedic surgeons to replace hip joints damaged by arthritis, a fracture or another condition.

Preparing for meaningful use stage 2

Since President Barack Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law in 2010, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has provided healthcare providers with a timeline for adopting health information technology and using it meaningfully to improve care delivery.