New bill may allow some doctors meaningful use exemptions

The deadline for attesting to meaningful use is quickly approaching.

EHRs serve as valuable complement to continuing medical education

Electronic health records are dramatically changing the U.S. healthcare system.

Total hip replacement provides a variety of benefits

People who experience pain in their hips, whether due to arthritis, a fracture or another condition, may struggle to comfortably carry out every day tasks like walking up the stairs, putting on shoes or vacuuming.

Medical practices can seek EHR help from outside resources

Smaller medical practices tend to not have the same amount of resources that larger, healthcare institutions do.

Many professionals find meaningful use challenging

As March nears to an end, healthcare professionals will only have six months to attest to stage 1 of meaningful use if they want to qualify for incentive payments from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Half of eligible physicians will meaningfully use EMRs in 2013

Increasingly more medical professionals are working toward becoming meaningful users of electronic health record systems.

CMS releases tool kit to help doctors achieve stage 2

The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that there is now a tool kit available for orthopaedists participating in either of the agency's electronic health record incentive programs.

Study finds balance exercises help quicken TKR recovery

People who have moderate to severe osteoarthritis in their knees may choose to undergo total joint replacement surgery to alleviate symptoms.

PQRS: How to Earn a Bonus & Avoid a Penalty

CMS designated this year, 2013, as the performance period for…

Medical professionals need to shift their thought processes for stage 2

Since the deadline for stage 2 of meaningful use is right around the corner, it is important for orthopaedists to digest the primary differences between stages 1 and 2 if they do not already.

Interoperability is key for meaningful use

Although it may seem like a hassle and cost healthcare organizations a great deal of time and money, there is rhyme and reason to why achieving meaningful use is important.

How are you preparing for stage 2 of meaningful use?

Preparing for stage 2 of meaningful use can be daunting task.

Orthopaedi​c surgeons should be cautious of risk factors for surgical site infections

When performing any kind of operation, orthopaedic surgeons need to be follow-up with their patients to make sure that they did not develop a surgical site infection, which only happen after a patient undergoes surgery and affects the part of the body that the operation took place.

FDA approves device for distal wrist fracture treatment

At the end of January 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared a new device to treat distal wrist fractures, called the Conventus DRS Implant.