Exscribe EHR

 Since its inception in 2000, Exscribe has been providing Orthopedic practices with unique solutions including Exscribe Orthopedic EHR, Ortho10™, Exscribe Orthopedic PM and Revenue Cycle Management. Founded by practicing Orthopedic Surgeons and an experienced team of software professionals, Exscribe Orthopedic Healthcare Solutions streamline workflows, and helps to increase your practice profitability while supporting Meaningful Use, resulting in better patient care and improved quality of life for physicians.

Learn more about Ortho10™, a patent-pending software solution that provides Orthopaedic surgeons an intuitive, graphical interface to quickly view and select appropriate ICD-10 codes.

Exscribe Orthopaedic EHR

Exscribe EMR/EHR is the first fully featured Electronic Health Records system developed to meet the unique needs of busy Orthopaedic practices.

With clients ranging from solo practitioners to large university-owned practices, Exscribe continues to deliver high-quality products and services that enable your practice to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. Selecting and purchasing an EHR is a large investment, both financially and in terms of time. You want make the right decision, the first time.

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Maximizing Revenues

Today a growing number of Orthopaedic practices throughout the U.S. use Exscribe EHR to streamline their workflow and maximize revenue, enabling them to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Exscribe EHR is intuitive, enabling orthopedists to use “one click” treatment plans for specific conditions, including orders for surgery and therapy, prescriptions, patient education, referral letters, etc. Optimal E/M coding helps practices increase revenues by decreasing the number of “down coded” procedures, enabling the practice to confidently bill at higher levels while limiting medical record liability.

Our clients tell us that their physicians value its ease of use, making Exscribe EHR an exceptional product industry wide.

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Coding Audits

Maintaining compliance with E/M coding documentation requirements is of paramount importance to today’s medical practices. In an environment of strict regulations and ever-increasing government watchfulness, non-compliant practices face the threat of prosecution and risk penalties and fines that could bankrupt a practice.

Ranjan Sachdev MD, MBA, CHC Exscribe’s CEO is Certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) – a distinction held by few Orthopedists. As both a practicing physician and a recognized expert on advanced healthcare compliance practices, Dr. Sachdev possesses a unique understanding of the complex clinical, business and compliance issues within the industry. His guidance has enabled Exscribe to incorporate the requirements of government mandates, patient care, and practice workflow into its EHR, making it truly “Meaningful” to Orthopaedic practices.

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