About Exscribe

Looking for a way to better manage his orthopaedic practice, nationally-renowned orthopedic surgeon Ranjan Sachdev, MD, MBA, founded Exscribe in 2000. A pioneer in the EHR field, Dr. Sachdev worked with a team of orthopedists and IT professionals to develop Exscribe EHR to address the unique needs of orthopaedic practices.

Dr. Sachdev has a Certification in Healthcare Compliance (CHC) – a distinction held by few orthopedists. As both a practicing physician and a recognized expert on advanced healthcare compliance practices, Dr. Sachdev possesses a unique understanding of the complex clinical, business and compliance issues within the industry. His guidance has enabled Exscribe to incorporate the requirements of government mandates, patient care, and practice workflow into its EHR, making it truly “Meaningful” to orthopaedic practices.

Exscribe EHR is the first Electronic Health Records system with an exclusive focus on the specialized needs of orthopaedic practices. Our EHR streamlines workflow, increases profitability and supports Meaningful Use, resulting in better patient care and improved quality of life for physicians.

Exscribe EHR is intuitive, enabling orthopedists to use one-click treatment plans for specific conditions, including orders for surgery and therapy, prescriptions, patient education, referral letters, etc. Our clients tell us that their physicians value its ease of use, making Exscribe EHR an exceptional product industry wide. Exscribe is ready to help you demonstrate Meaningful Use to secure your stimulus incentives, as Exscribe EHR has received the federal government’s “Meaningful Use” stamp of approval by earning Complete Ambulatory EHR Certification.

Today a growing number of orthopaedic practices throughout the U.S. use Exscribe EHR to streamline their workflow and maximize revenue, enabling them to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

Exscribe is committed to continued development, guided by an advisory board consisting of practicing orthopaedic surgeons, practice administrators, and industry consultants.

Why Choose Exscribe?

  • Exclusively Orthopaedic: Exscribe EHR is the first EHR system developed by Orthopedists for Orthopaedic practices. We provide orthopedists with the “right tools for the job” without the clutter of features orthopedists will never use that are found in many “multi-specialty” EHRs.
  • Designed for Immediate Productivity: Our system enables you to quickly implement Exscribe EHR into your practice’s workflow – without extensive customization and content development.
  • Specialty-Specific Content. Our extensive orthopaedic clinical knowledge base, enables physicians to create custom “one click” treatment plans for specific conditions, including orders for surgery and therapy, prescriptions, patient education, referral letters and much more.
  • Adaptable Workflow: Physicians can document when and how they desire; therefore, those who wish to dictate as well as those who prefer to document at the point of care can do so.

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and an Exscribe representative will demonstrate for you the power of Exscribe EHR, PM, INCISIVE MD.