Mostashari reflects on his time as national coordinator

When it comes to electronic health records, few people have been stronger advocates for these systems and their potential to positively impact the healthcare community than Farzad Mostashari, M.D.

Small practices may need assistance to benefit from EHRs

Electronic health records have been shown to have a number of potential benefits for professionals who work in specialties across the healthcare spectrum - but some providers have been having a more difficult time reaping the rewards of these systems than others.

Top considerations for providers looking to purchase an EHR system

Practices that have yet to adopt an electronic health record system have hopefully at least begun searching for one, or else they may find themselves falling behind other practices that are completing the stages of meaningful use.

Explaining the role of an ICD-10 project manager

Healthcare providers who have not begun preparing for the transition to the ICD-10 coding switch may regret it if they do not do so soon.

Politicians urge for meaningful use extensions

It is no secret that there are many professionals in the healthcare industry who are hoping for changes to come to stage 2 of the meaningful use incentives program.

An understanding of meaningful use should come before EHR adoption

Providers who have yet to adopt electronic health records may not be thinking about meaningful use yet, but they should be.

Patients understand the importance of HIE

It is important for doctors to determine how much their patients know about new medical technology and policies to avoid potentially upsetting situations.

Without proper EHR access, patients may look for other providers

Providers who are participating in the meaningful use incentives program likely know that stage 2 places an increased focus on patient engagement.

Providers should not let EHRs take up all their focus around patients

Once a practice has implemented an electronic health record system, providers need to learn how to effortlessly incorporate it into their day-to-day routines.

Why is building a good relationship with an EHR vendor important

Healthcare providers who have yet to purchase an electronic medical record system or are unhappy with their current EHR technology should do their research before purchasing another one.

Providers need to be prepared to conduct risk assessments

Providers who are participating in the meaningful use incentive programs know that they have to adopt certified electronic health record systems and work hard to successfully implement them into their practices.

New toolkit from the AMA helps providers understand HIPAA Omnibus

There have been many changes made to the U.S. healthcare system in the past few years, so many in fact that it can be difficult for physicians to find time to learn the implications of them all.

Physician coaches may help smooth the EHR implementation process

While moving through the stages of meaningful use, providers will not only have to learn how to use their electronic health record system, but also how to use all of the new functionalities and software they have to adopt along the way.

Providers need to remember the benefits of proper EHR implementation

For some providers, the process of implementing electronic health records into their practice has been so challenging that it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Providers should pay attention to meaningful use, even if they are not participating

Providers who are not eligible for meaningful use incentives may assume that they do not have to worry about making sure their electronic health record system complies with this program, but that may not be the case.

Data security tips as Omnibus Rule approaches

Healthcare providers who have adopted electronic health records need to be vigilant about keeping patient data secure.

Before converting to EHRs, practices need to examine their paper-based system

Practices who have yet to implement an electronic health record system but are considering doing so should take a close look at their paper-based files.