CMS guidelines for meeting Patient Electronic Access Objective: Part 1 [VIDEO]

As most doctors know, meeting the Patient Electronic Access objective is a requirement for all professionals taking part in the EHR incentive programs.

How to ensure a successful change management process

For the organizations having difficulty enhancing their EHR build-keeping, consider the following four tips to establish better communication as you develop your EHR system.

The costs of poor EHRs

The costs of poor EHRs

Stay positive when it comes to EHRs [VIDEO]

It's certainly not uncommon to hear doctors gripe about electronic health records systems. While there can definitely be some bumps in the road when it comes to EHR adoption, it's important for physicians to remember the positives.

EHRs shown to improve patient safety and reduce medical errors

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology recently did a presentation during Health IT Week on how electronic health records are capable of enhancing patient safety while increasing the quality of care by providers and lowering the possibility of medical errors when providers adhere to meaningful use standards.

Health care organizations that adopt new technologies see high ROI

A recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and sponsored by Verizon shows that companies investing in new technology do see significant advantages with high returns on their investment.

How can doctors and patients benefit from EHRs?

EHRs have been proven to enhance the process of diagnosing diseases while preventing medical errors. Meanwhile, technological advances in personal health records are also increasing convenience for patients accessing their data.

EHR alerts help reduce UTIs in hospital patients [VIDEO]

Research continues to show how EHRs can help benefit the healthcare industry. In our last video, we discussed a study that found that EHR use can help boost HIV screening rates in NYC and New Orleans clinics.

CMS releases guidance for meeting Patient Electronic Access objective

To aid eligible professionals in meeting these standards, the Center fro Medicare and Medicaid Services has recently released guidance for calculating patient electronic access across multiple providers.

Considerations for choosing or replacing EHR systems

When considering EHR solutions, doctors will want to seek out which software will increase productivity and quality of care while lowering costs associated with health care and implementation.

EHR use helps boost HIV screening rates [VIDEO]

There may be some professionals in the medical community who are still on the fence about adopting electronic health records.

How can EHR systems attract more providers?

How can EHR systems attract the 40 percent of hospitals and 22 percent of physicians that are not taking advantage of EHR benefits?

Coordinated care with EHRs and messages improves outcomes, saves costs

A great example of care coordination is demonstrated in a recent column written by Matthew J. Press, M.D., for the New England Journal of Medicine.

Audit finds Louisiana Medicaid overpaid $3.1 million in EHR incentives

A recent audit conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Inspector General found that Louisiana's Medicaid program overpaid 13 hospitals by $3.1 million and underpaid six hospitals by $1.3 million.

Survey finds 59 percent of physicians lose time to EHR unfamiliarity

The results of a small survey show family practice physicians reported a loss of 48 minutes of free time per clinic day due to their EHR systems.

ONC releases new final rule for 2014 Edition of EHR certification

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology released a new final rule for the 2014 Edition electronic health record certification criteria.

Is cell therapy the next phase in orthopedics?

From injectable gels to cell replacement, the use of cell therapy products is closer than it appears in the orthopedics industry.

Can EHR transparency and patient portals change health care?

More EHR transparency and patient portals could lead to higher quality of care and technology solutions.