Survey shows that EHRs have significantly improved

New survey shows EHRs have made major advancements

A new survey performed by the NORC at the University of Chicago found that EHRs are drastically improving in several areas.
Tips to determine whether you are ready for Icd-10 transition

How to determine if you are ready for ICD-10 transition

With less than 100 days until the implementation of the ICD-10 coding system, providers are scrambling to ensure that their practices are ready for the major transition.
EHRs help reduce health disparities

Certified EHR technology helps reduce health disparities

As electronic health data transfer and better access have become a vital part of meeting patient expectations, electronic health record implementation is increasingly important.
Survey shows EHRs play role in improving patient engagement.

Research shows EHRs improve patient engagement

Patient engagement is one of the many aspects of the health care industry that the National Coordinator for Health IT and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have been continuously working to improve with the help of electronic health records.
Senate proposes changes to MU requirements as they enter into their final stage

Congress proposes changes to MU standards as they enter final stage

As the meaningful use standards enter into their final stage, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions is researching ways to push the rules in the right direction.
New grant program in Massachusetts aims at improving HIE

New grant program offers Massachusetts medical providers chance to enhance HIE

To help push improved health information exchange along, the Massachusetts eHealth Institute at MassTech has recently developed a new grant program aimed at improving channels of communication throughout certain medical facilities in various regions of Massachusetts.
Survey shows cloud-based EHRs on the rise

Cloud-based EHR systems on the rise

A recent survey has shown that cloud-based EHRs are on the rise.
New ICD-10 testing results look promising for industry

April ICD-10 testing shows encouraging results

In the most recent ICD-10 testing period, the industry made it clear that it is continually progressing in terms of its preparedness for the switch.
Study shows importance of adhering to MU requirements

Study shows importance of adhering to MU requirements

A recent study showed that for EHR systems to fully improve patient care and outcomes, doctors and their staff must be committed to meeting the meaningful use standards.
AMA pushes EHR training for medical students

AMA pushes EHR training for medical students

The American Medical Association recently emphasized how important it is that new health professionals learn to use EHR systems while they are in school before entering into the medical field.
5 features to look for in an EHR system

5 features to look for in an EHR system

In addition to enhancing aspects like productivity and practice workflows, EHR systems are vital to keeping up with the changes that are taking place throughout the health care industry.
Public comments to ONC roadmap show importance of security as the industry psuhes for interoperability

Public comments show importance of security during push for interoperability

Everyone from medical providers to federal agency officials has started to discuss how health information exchange could benefit the entire health care industry.
Industry experts suggest solutions to data blocking

Industry experts suggest solutions for data blocking

Along with the approaching ICD-10 deadline, interoperability is currently a major topic within the health care industry.
Health care industry continues to butt heads over ICD-10 deadline

Health care industry continues to butt heads over ICD-10 deadline

As the ICD-10 implementation date moves closer, health professionals across the industry are entering into a heated debate regarding whether or not the date needs another postponement.