Exscribe Orthopaedic EHR

Exscribe EHR is the first fully featured Electronic Health Records system developed to meet the unique needs of busy Orthopaedic practices. With clients ranging from solo practitioners to large university-owned practices, Exscribe continues to deliver high-quality products and services that enable your practice to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace

You need an easy-to-use system designed to keep up with changes in regulations and technology specific to your specialty. Exscribe EHR is that system.

Many of the EHRs on the market today are “multi-specialty” – cluttered with features that Orthopaedists will never use. They require extensive customization and template development, causing a specialty practice to lose productivity in order to get up and running.

Exscribe EHR is different. Designed exclusively for Orthopaedics, it is built with an extensive Orthopaedic-specific clinical knowledge base and adaptable workflow. Exscribe EHR users gain significant productivity upon implementation – making it the EHR of choice for many leading Orthopaedic practices.

Exscribe is an exception to overly complex and costly EHR systems. The workflow demands, regulatory requirements, and adaptability concerns specific to Orthopaedists have been built into Exscribe’s EHR from the ground up. The guiding purpose of this lean, premium EHR is simple: increase the productivity of Orthopaedic practices. Selecting and purchasing an EHR is a large investment, both in terms of time and money. You want make the right decision the first time. We invite you to consider the tool that other Orthopaedists are embracing.

“[Exscribe] is a specialty-specific EHR designed to support and enhance the efficient workflow of Orthopaedic physicians,” explains Gene Austin, CEO at Columbia Orthopaedic Group. “The Exscribe workflow is much more physician friendly than that of the first EHR our group had implemented.”

Exscribe impresses orthopedists by offering integration with leading practice management systems, optional integration with PACS, fax and other systems, as well as e-prescribing and a patient portal. It also impresses patients: centralized records are available at all times and in full compliance with HIPAA requirements. This eliminates frustration associated with medical paperwork. Exscribe makes patient engagement with health data easy.

Exscribe EHR is quickly becoming the choice of leading Orthopaedic practices

Advantage #1: Exscribe EHR is the first fully featured EHR system developed by Orthopaedic surgeons to meet the unique needs of busy Orthopaedic practices.

Advantage #2: Designed for Productivity enabling you to quickly implement Exscribe EHR into your practice’s workflow without extensive customization and content development.

Advantage #3: Extensive Orthopaedic Knowledge Base enables creation of custom “one click” treatment plans for specific conditions, including orders for surgery and therapy, prescriptions, patient education, referral letters and much more.

Advantage #4: Adaptable Workflow enables physicians to document when and how they want – adapting to the preferences of individual providers within the same practice to support physicians who wish to dictate as well as those who prefer to document at the point of care.

Exceptional Support

“Exscribe’s support system is well above average in response time and quality,” says Jerald Forrester, CEO of Steindler Orthopedic Clinic, a leader in providing exceptional Orthopaedic care. “If our system is down or there is a problem within the medical record, it needs to be fixed quickly…they have always been attentive to that. It all comes down to support.”

See for yourself

To discover how Exscribe’s products can benefit your practice, we invite you to participate in an online demo. Give us 30 minutes of your time, and an Exscribe representative will demonstrate how Exscribe EHR can help your practice streamline workflow and increase profitability. Take the lead. Go with Exscribe!

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