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Exscribe EHR is the first fully featured Electronic Health Records system developed to meet the unique needs of busy Orthopaedic practices. With clients ranging from solo practitioners to large 40+ provider groups , Exscribe continues to deliver high-quality products and services that enable your practice to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace

You need an easy-to-use system designed to keep up with changes in regulations and technology specific to your specialty. Exscribe EHR is that system.

Many of the EHRs on the market today are “multi-specialty” – cluttered with features that Orthopaedists will never use. They require extensive customization and template development, causing a specialty practice to lose productivity in order to get up and running.

“[Exscribe] is a specialty-specific EHR designed to support and enhance the efficient workflow of our 26 Orthopaedic physicians,” explains Gene Austin, CEO at Columbia Orthopaedic Group.“The Exscribe workflow is much more physician friendly than that of the first EHR our group had implemented.”