Exscribe Orthopaedic EHR

Exscribe’s Orthopaedic EHR was built with a singular focus, to increase productivity for orthopaedic practices and to keep pace with changes in regulations and technology.  Exscribe is an exception to overly complex and costly EHR systems. The workflow demands, regulatory requirements, and adaptability Concerns specific to Orthopaedists have been built into Exscribe’s EHR from the ground up.

Exscribe EHR is designed for productivity in the value-based care environment, enabling quick implementation into the practice’s workflow without extensive customization and content development. The extensive Orthopaedic Knowledge Base enables creation of custom “one click” treatment plans to boost productivity for specific conditions.

“[Exscribe] is a specialty-specific EHR designed to support and enhance the efficient workflow of our 26 Orthopaedic physicians,” explains Gene Austin, CEO at Columbia Orthopaedic Group.“The Exscribe workflow is much more physician friendly than that of the first EHR our group had implemented.”