The Exscribe Orthopedic Advantage: One click protocols [VIDEO]

The Exscribe orthopedic electronic health record system is the first of its kind in many ways. It is the first system designed by orthopedic surgeons for orthopedic surgeons featuring quick and easy access to treatments for specific conditions, orders for therapies and treatments, referral letters and other information that surgeons rely on during patient visits.

Not only does Exscribe’s EHR system make it easy for surgeons to access essential information faster, but it ultimately allows them to see more patients each day. Each of the following “one click” advantages makes the innovative system a smart choice for busy doctors.

Treatment plans
During patient visits, surgeons are able to find their patient’s specific diagnosis with ease, as each can quickly be found in the system. Simply clicking on the appropriate condition will take users right to the exact treatment method required, complete with all of the detailed information an orthopedic surgeon would need to prescribe the patient the right medication. Access to treatment plans also includes surgery and therapy orders.

Without the “one click” treatment methods, diagnoses are time-consuming and there is more room for error, as the treatment plan or surgery orders are not listed right in front of you.

When it is time to prescribe the patient his or her specific medicine, having access to the prescription needed is a major time-saver.

Surgeons will know exactly what prescription is needed for the particular diagnosis and can send for it without having to sort through a pile of paperwork. The extensive orthopedic knowledge base ensures improved accuracy when it comes to choosing the right prescription.

Referrals and records
Surgeons are able to send patient referrals and records to other providers with just the click of a button. Paper referral letters and records take a while to send out, but electronic delivery takes seconds. Writing referrals and constructing patient records is simpler with the help of EHR features specific to orthopedic surgeons, such as clickable prescriptions. The system works to catch errors, ensuring the accuracy of health records that paper documents do not.

Patient education
Direct and easy access to a patient’s medical orthopedic history makes patient education more accurate. With the information right in front of you, surgeons are better able to engage in face-to-face interactions with patients, giving them more attention, as there is no need to write anything down. Educating the patient on his or her current condition and treatment plan is based on accurate and concise information provided by the expert orthopedic knowledge base.