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The Cloud for Beginners: A Quick Overview on the Healthcare IT Trend

Cloud-based solutions are a growing trend for many healthcare organizations looking for a cost-effective option for data storage and server maintenance. Practices considering moving to cloud-based services need to know the potential benefits and drawbacks. A quick overview of the capabilities that cloud computing can offer will prepare you to decide if this solution is right for your practice.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is a term used to refer to software and services that run on the Internet instead of being stored locally on a computer. A network of servers handles the majority of computing and storage needs, and finds the program or service to deliver to you. This network allows access to your stored information on any device that has a valid internet connection.


It is possible to access your data from any device, anywhere that has a valid internet connection. Set up and maintenance costs are usually lower than a locally-installed system. Easier access to updates, tools, and resources that a local IT department may not have the manpower to maintain are also attractive reasons to move to cloud storage. Because data is secured offsite, recovery in the event of a disaster is often much easier.


If your internet connection is faulty, access to your data may slow or stop. Additionally, notification of any technical issues on behalf of the server is not immediate, since the server isn’t stored in-house. Finally, although security protocols are held to the highest standards within the cloud, your practice does not have primary control over them. If this is a concern for your practice, you can conduct an analysis to decide what types of data and applications would be best stored in the cloud versus on a local computer.

Many practices decide to implement a cloud-based solution to take advantage of the benefits listed above. Especially for smaller organizations, purchasing a server, installing and maintaining it in-house is often not financially feasible. Cloud-based services are providing a real answer to implementing more value-based care models, as patients demand increased availability and responsiveness in their healthcare data. Exscribe offers both cloud-based and in-house options for your practice. Whichever option is right for you, Exscribe is equipped to meet your needs.