Health care organizations that adopt new technologies see high ROI [VIDEO]


According to a recent study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and sponsored by Verizon shows that companies investing in new technology see significant advantages with high returns on their investments. However, only 27 percent of health care organizations are actively striving to adopt new technology, such as electronic health records.

Another study by Accenture showed that 41 percent of patients said EHRs and access to personal health records was so important to them, that they would switch doctors if it meant they would use EHRs.

According to InformationWeek, senior solutions architect at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Chris Davis said things are rapidly changing – so much so that health care organizations that aren't utilizing new technology will soon be left behind by competitors. He added that consumers are the ones driving the change, expecting something new from their health care providers every couple of years.

So why are many companies hesitant to adopt new technology? The Harvard Business Review's study showed that 69 percent of companies prefer to wait until others have tested new technology out or until it has become well established before investing. However, this number is beginning to dwindle as companies continue to see the immediate benefits of advanced technology grow.

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