Practice productivity: Why it’s important [VIDEO]


A practice's productivity directly impacts the level of its success. That's because how efficiently physicians are able to document data and the accuracy of their inputs affect the number of patients they're able to see, ultimately impacting practice revenue.

Here are three common issues that physicians often run into that can slow productivity levels.

The first is input errors, which can lead to incorrect diagnoses and misinterpretation of data. Not only does fixing these errors take away from the time you could be spending with patients, but it lowers the number of patients you can see each day.

Perhaps the most significant time-consuming element of a physician's daily workflow is ensuring accuracy in the creation of documents for his or her patients. Documentation involved in diagnosing a patient, for example, can take long periods of time and will hold physicians back when they make errors or aren't using an efficient system.

The third issue stems from methods of compensation. Recent surveys have shown that a significant number of practices base their compensation off of productivity. This can have a negative outcome, for if productivity is lacking or disrupted, this will hurt compensation, ultimately leading to even slower productivity levels among employees.

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