Study shows EHRs don’t boost billing fraud [VIDEO]


More and more, researchers are discovering that many concerns surrounding electronic health record systems seem to be unfounded. For instance, Forbes recently reported on a study published in Health Affairs which found that contrary to earlier beliefs, health care providers are not using EHRs to over-bill Medicare.

Researchers analyzed Medicare payment data and cross-referenced it with surveys from the American Hospital Association regarding healthcare IT adoption between 2008 and 2010. They discovered that there appeared to be no significant connection between EHR use and Medicare inpatient payments.

While Forbes stated that the timing of the study makes it tough to say for sure that EHRs don't encourage upcoding, preliminary data seems to suggest that EHRs are actually making it more difficult to get away with billing fraud.

This is just one of the many ways that EHRs not only benefit patients and doctors, but the health care system as a whole. Thanks for watching.