The advantages of specialty EHRs [VIDEO]

One of the best ways to benefit from your investment in an electronic health record system is choosing a software that was designed specifically for your specialty. Based on workflows and EMR system requirements for your practice, specialty EHRs make everyday documentation and patient care more efficient and less time-consuming.

The first benefit of specialty EHRs is that they're able to fulfill specific requirements for your medical specialty that general EHRs can't. General systems are also filled with more data than you need. For example, many practices find that they must complete required fields that don't apply to their specialty before moving to another screen.

The second benefit is time – something that physicians usually don't have. Even if general EMRs can be customized to meet specialists' requirements, adapting the software takes time, involving lengthy training sessions. Specialty EHRs have everything your practice needs the minute you invest in it, allowing more time to get comfortable with your new system.

The final benefit is familiarity and comfort. Specialty software includes the forms and templates you use most, so you're dealing with what you know from the start. Decision support functions also make for faster, more accurate diagnoses.

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