The Exscribe orthopedic advantage: Coding and compliance driven [Video]


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Exscribe's orthopedic EHR solution is equipped with the tools a practice needs to meet the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' strict coding and compliance regulations. Here are just a few of the things an EHR solution designed with coding compliance in mind can do for your practice.

When setting up systems for maximum compliance, all physicians must assess risk. Exscribe's risk analysis tool will guide you through the process.

You will get a complete analysis of your practice's workflow which can be reviewed in detail with the help of representative charts. Because the system focuses specifically on orthopedic practices, the Exscribe solution is rare in that it's able to detect problem areas unique to the specialty.

Exscribe's system also offers dedicated practice protection.

Exscribe knows that to successfully protect a practice and mitigate risk, an active compliance plan is necessary. Each protection plan is centered around assisting practices in developing, implementing and maintaining their plans, as these are aspects of compliance plans that tend to present challenges for both large and small healthcare providers.

Some of the system's additional benefits include the set up of office-wide training sessions and the reduction of down coded procedures, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

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