The Exscribe orthopedic advantage: Flexible technology [Video]


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The past few videos have focused on the advantages of Exscribe's electronic health record solution. Today we're going to talk about its flexible technology.

It sets itself apart from most other specialty EHRs on the market due to its ability to cater to practices that require client servers and those who are looking for software as a service model, or SaaS servers.

Since it works for practices with and without an IT infrastructure, this flexibility increases practice productivity by allowing physicians to work with their preferred server. Here are some of the ways your practice can benefit from the different server options available with the Exscribe EHR solution.

With a client server, practices can use their own equipment and IT teams, receiving an on-site system that provides fast connection time from the server to the client. The system is integrated into a practice's infrastructure and customized for security and speed to enhance the convenience and usability of the software.

The SaaS EHR solution, on the other hand, often works best for individual or small practices. With this system, practices are relieved from the burden of being responsible for data backup and are in good hands with Exscribe's sophisticated security system.

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