The Exscribe orthopedic advantage: Specific orthopedic design [Video]


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The Exscribe orthopedic electronic health record system is one of the only EHR solutions on the market that was created by orthopedic surgeons to offer features specific to orthopedic practices.

With the system, physicians won't have to deal with the common setbacks experienced with general systems.

One such setback is that orthopedic surgeons' daily requirements vary drastically from those of other medical specialties. General systems are designed with an overload of data and features that physicians will never use. These are time-consuming to navigate around and can interfere with patient care.

Training and customization time can also exceed benefits. Multi-specialty EHRs require lengthy training sessions with new features that most physicians have no experience with. Even if the system can be customized, the adaptation process can be incredibly time-consuming.

The Exscribe orthopedic system, on the other hand, helps physicians gain productivity. Designed based off of substantial orthopedic knowledge, physicians are less likely to become confused with the system and experience setbacks due to input errors and time spent adjusting. Training time is also cut in half, as surgeons are familiar with the system's features.

Built to adhere to your specific orthopedic workflow, features also assist a wide range of practice sizes, whereas smaller practices may have a difficult time customizing their multi-specialty system to fit their detailed requirements.

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