The Exscribe orthopedic advantage: Traditional orthopedic workflow [Video]


The electronic health record system provided by Exscribe is rare in that it sticks closely to the workflow that surgeons would experience in the paper world. The only difference is added convenience and faster production time due to the system's one click protocols.

Here are a few advantages of the system as a result of its structure, which was created to be almost identical to traditional orthopedic paperwork.

First, surgeons will be familiar with the system right away and won't have to spend time learning the new templates and operations.

There are also reduced errors with the Exscribe system. Made by and for orthopedic surgeons, information and instruction is detailed and thorough, ensuring that fewer incorrect diagnoses take place, as they often do with multi-specialty EHR systems.

Finally, there's no need for training or development.

EHR systems that don't reflect the workflow performed in the paper world require time to train employees and surgeons to ensure that they have a firm grasp on the new interface and procedures. The Exscribe system eliminates these tasks with one click protocols that replicate the workflow surgeons are most familiar with. Processes like the delivery of referral letters are the same as surgeons have done in the past, only less time consuming.

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