The Exscribe orthopedic advantage: Workflow adaptation [Video]


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One of the most advantageous aspects of the Exscribe system is its ability to adapt to the small differences in the workflow preferences of orthopedic surgeons. How can you benefit from the flexibility provided by this innovative system? Here are just a few ways.

The first is that all the essential features are in the palm of your hand.

No matter the size of a practice, physicians have all of the features and procedures they need for a successful daily workflow right in front of them. The system is also equipped with features including all of the templates that orthopedic surgeons are familiar with and have been trained to use in the paper world. 

Secondly, the Exscribe system is one of the only EHR solutions made specifically for orthopedic surgeons with the ability to alter workflow.

Since workflow preferences for solo practitioners are usually much different from larger practices, Exscribe’s EHR system is rare in that it effectively satisfies the needs of individualized practices. There are even features for physicians who wish to dictate and those who prefer to document at point of care.

Flexible workflow adaptation also enhances productivity levels.

The added convenience of workflow adaptation makes patient visits and daily procedures even faster. Physicians are also able to experiment with various workflows to see which works best for them.

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