voice calling through a megaphone

How Voice Recognition Software Enhances Productivity

Voice recognition software can enhance your EHR user experience in multiple ways. You can dictate post-visit documentation, navigate to preferred areas of the EHR, and train your voice recognition tool to remember your personal preferences. All of these factors add up to your staff saving time on documentation and spending it with patients instead.

Immediate Benefits

A study conducted in 2018 found significant improvements in satisfaction, documentation quality, and efficiency with the adoption of speech recognition programs. And the improvements correlated to an 81% reduction in monthly medical transcription costs. This type of software greatly reduces time spent on data entry for most clinical staff, naturally ensuring a faster turnaround for follow-up actions such as lab and prescription orders.

Furthermore, command-based responses allow for a voice navigation option in the EHR, making it easy to jump to different forms and windows. Many speech recognition tools can be trained to select certain options from picklists, form fields, and checkboxes, reducing number of clicks instantly.

Smart Software

One of the most common concerns about speech recognition software is that it won’t able to pick up the clinical vocabulary necessary to complete orthopaedic documentation. However, error rate is drastically reduced with a quick visual review to ensure the software has accurately picked up the correct phrasing.

Additionally, voice recognition software learns the more that it’s used and remembers your corrections. As the system adapts to the specific cadences of your voice and frequently used words, it naturally reduces its own error rate. Therefore, the need for visual review should decrease over time.

Exscribe EHR frequently partners with 1st-Dragon/Computers Made Effective in order to bring these time-saving benefits to our clients. You can learn more about 1st-Dragon voice recognition software here.