AAFP highlights concerns for ONC interoperability plan [Video Blog]


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After the release of the Federal Health IT Strategic Plan published by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology, the American Academy of Family Physicians sent a letter to National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo that highlighted doubts and concerns regarding the goals that were announced.

The ONC categorized each of its goals into three groups – collect, share and use. However, the underlying goal is to increase the convenience and accessibility of health data for patients and providers through the use of health IT devices, such as electronic health records.

The AAFP first made a few suggestions concerning the "use" category of the new goals. The strategic plan under this particular section appeared better suited for the Department of Health and Human Services, rather than the ONC. The academy believes that it's essential for the department to mirror the goals highlighted in this section.

The academy also noticed that there's not much of a difference between the specifics of the new goals compared to the ones listed every year.

Experts can't help but wonder why these goals weren't achieved in the past, as they continue to resurface as new goals. It's important for the future of health IT that tactics and strategies are different and continuously progressing each year.

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