Participation in the 2015 incentive program expected to fall [Video]


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A recent report from SERMO and Medical Practice Insider showed the results of a survey given to 2,000 physicians asking if they intended to attest for stage 2 meaningful use in 2015. A total of 55 percent of physicians reported that they have no plans of attesting to stage 2 meaningful use this year.

This is surprising, however, as numerous polls and surveys have highlighted the consistent increase in the number of physicians who have adopted electronic health records into their practices.

This signifies that although providers feel that EHRs benefit their practices, the new meaningful use incentives aren't worth attesting for. Why is this?

Many physicians have reported that adhering to stage 2 meaningful use standards has made it challenging to put the proper quality and care into patient visits. These requirements also tend to make it harder to find the most efficient EHR system at the best price.

If physicians and organizations can work with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to ease the strict stage 2 meaningful use standards, the number of practices adopting EHR systems is likely to soar even higher than it has already. Perhaps then the potential for EHRs to improve care quality and enhance practice workflow wouldn't be so overshadowed by these daunting meaningful use standards.

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