There are so many benefits to developing a blog for your practice's website

3 benefits of building an online blog for your orthopedic practice

Technology has no doubt streamlined and improved your orthopedic practice in countless ways. Platforms such as orthopedics emr software, general EHRs and patient portals improve the way that your specialists treat and communicate with patients. 

Technology should also be embraced for the business side of your operation, too. Indeed, it can be easy to forget that your orthopedic practice is in fact a business, and can benefit from the many new and innovative marketing strategies that are currently widely employed, particularly online. One form of marketing that is effective at attracting new business is content marketing. Content, in a marketing capacity, typically takes the form of news pages, website copy and blogs, all of which carry the goal of drawing attention to your business and brand. 

While your orthopedic practice no doubt already has a website, there is a good chance that you don't yet have a blog. If this is the case, it's time to get writing. There are so many benefits to developing a blog for your practice's website. Indeed, Sprout Content cited a Career Builder survey which found that 60 percent of organizations grow their customer base once they begin blogging.

Still not convinced? Check out the list of three of the most compelling reasons below:

1. Builds relationships with customers
Having a blog demonstrates to current and future patients that your practice has a distinct voice – a personalty – and is interested in reaching out and connecting with others, argued. In other words, it adds a more human element to a website that will otherwise likely be overloaded with dry medical and care-related information.

The source suggested mixing up the blog in terms of topics. Given that you're running an orthopedic practice, be sure to include posts on orthopedic conditions and care, as well as any latest news and developments within the industry. But it can also be a good idea to include positive and uplifting posts about your staff and company culture. For example, maybe your nursing team just ran a 5K? Or your senior orthopedic surgeon welcomed a new baby? Such stories are effective at attracting readers hungry for good news, and again, they also help to paint your orthopedic practice in a friendly and welcoming light.

2. Maximizes search engine optimization
As Sprout Content explained, leading search engines such as Google and Bing look for keywords in blogs and will promote and reward businesses with lots of content. If you're eager to get ahead of your competitors and get your organization to the top of a search engine results list, a blog could be the key. 

3. Highly shareable
Social media is another great platform through which to communicate with potential patients and build a solid customer base. Blog content is a great way to attract new followers and divert attention back to your practice's website, as blog posts and articles make great sharing material. And when a post is shared multiple times, the amount of traffic to both your website and social media pages will no doubt increase.