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Focusing on the Specialized Needs of Orthopaedic Practices

The new landscape of payments coming from MIPS and MACRA is here and we are ready with a complete solution built into our Certified EHR. Our MIPS solution gathers, tracks and benchmarks your reporting data, calculates your Composite Score and progress for each measure. We offer a system designed specifically for orthopaedic surgeons to help them maintain compliance in an ever-changing regulatory environment. Thrive in today’s competitive marketplace with the EHR created by orthopaedic surgeons specifically for orthopaedic specialists.

Today a growing number of orthopaedic practices throughout the U.S. use Exscribe EHR to streamline their workflow and maximize revenue. Exscribe is committed to continued development, guided by an advisory board consisting of practicing Orthopaedic surgeons, practice administrators, and industry consultants.

Exscribe EHR™

Exscribe EHR, is the first fully featured Electronic Health Records system developed to meet the unique needs of busy Orthopaedic practices. Developed by Orthopaedists for Orthopaedics.

Exscribe ORTHO10™

Exscribe Ortho10 is a patent-pending software solution that provides Orthopaedic surgeons an intuitive, graphical interface to quickly view and select appropriate ICD-10 codes.

Exscribe PM™

When considering the real-world needs of today’s orthopaedic office, Exscribe PM and EHR truly are proven products backed by first-class customer support, from a trusted company.

Exscribe INCISIVE™

The INCISIVE Suite of software delivers a results-oriented solution to streamline your clinic’s billing and reimbursement process, save time and increase revenue.

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