Arthrex And Exscribe Partner To Provide Surgeons With Clinical Outcomes

August 13, 2014 –Exscribe is teaming up with Arthrex’s Surgical Outcomes System (SOS), a global registry, cloud-based and tablet-friendly orthopaedic clinical outcomes collection tool to add to its EHR. Surgeons can easily and inexpensively quantify patient outcomes and procedures to address the demands of evidence-based medicine. SOS allows surgeons to remotely monitor their patients’ outcomes over two years through patient-reported outcome questionnaires and optional clinician-reported objective measures.

Exscribe COO Richard McCormick said, “As we move towards a value-based reimbursement system, it is critical for us to continue to develop innovative features and partnerships that will allow our customers to continue to thrive and survive in today’s challenging business environment.  Partnering with Arthrex to tightly integrate their highly acclaimed Surgical Outcomes System with our industry leading electronic health records system is a win-win for both SOS and Exscribe EHR customers.”

“Arthrex has an excellent reputation in delivering high-quality products and services to the orthopaedic marketplace and SOS is no exception,” McCormick continued. “We are both proud and excited to be the only orthopaedic EHR system to offer this level of integration.”

Morgan Rouleau, Arthrex’s Surgical Outcomes System Manager said, “SOS allows for real-time clinical review and decision making of the global effectiveness of orthopaedic and sports medicine clinical procedures, leading to the development of evidence-based protocols for treating patients. We now live in an outcomes driven world, where performance data is required. The relationship with Exscribe will deliver additional value and efficiency to both current and potential new customers.”

A cloud-based, HIPAA reviewed and IRB approved global registry, SOS allows for data collection and comparative analysis of treatment outcomes data.SOS leverages technology, engaging patients in their own healthcare through the automated surveys, video links, images, reminders and alerts. It’s fully transportable. Both the patient portal and the surgeon portal are accessible on PCs, tablets or smart mobile devices. In addition, the patient portal is available in multiple languages.

To learn more about SOS and to read testimonials from orthopaedic surgeons, click here: Surgical Outcomes System

About Exscribe

Founded in 2000 by nationally-renowned orthopedic surgeon Ranjan Sachdev, MD, MBA, Exscribe EHR is the first Electronic Health Records system with an exclusive focus on the specialized needs of orthopaedic practices. Its EHR streamlines workflow, increases profitability and supports Meaningful Use, resulting in better patient care and improved quality of life for physicians.


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