Exscribe EHR Makes Me a Better Doctor

Dr. David Adkison, MD, discusses in his own words how Exscribe EHR has improved his quality of care after 4 years of using Exscribe.

“This EHR provides concise, relevant diagnostic information quickly.  I can very efficiently read previous office notes to review my thoughts from those visits and remind myself of any patient-related medical, social, economic or other issues that governed my decision making. The interface with our PACS system is truly one of the nicest features, enabling us to look back at all x-rays over the years with just a few mouse clicks.  The program makes it very easy to document what you’re thinking in terms of differential diagnosis, planned studies and labs.” This ease of access facilitates the process for him.

Importantly, Exscribe has empowered Adkison to avoid the loss of face time with patients required by many other EHR programs.

“There are EHR programs that, practically, demand that you remain tied to your tablet. You can only transiently look up for any significant eye to eye contact and meaningful conversation.  Not this EHR. The level of real patient interaction is great with Exscribe.  We spent a good deal of time before our Exscribe launch creating macros; as a result, tailoring the pertinent macro with the findings for an individual is not only very accurate, it is easy and quick.  I can actually talk with my patients in the exam room, examine them, review pertinent diagnostic study findings, walk out to my workstation and generate accurate, concise office notes in less than 3 minutes on average.”

“Furthermore, my referring doctors love our Exscribe notes, because we usually generate a very well- documented evaluation in 2 pages without the reams of boilerplate so typical of other programs.  They love that they can actually read what we are thinking!”

After an easy, intuitive implementation process, Adkison noticed his entire staff benefitted from the tremendous time-saving qualities of the software. St. Vincent’s Orthopedics has been with Exscribe for four years, and during that time Adkison says “after the first two weeks of transitioning to this new model instead of written charts, complaints were very rare” from his staff. He also lauded Exscribe’s support team for resolving issues in a timely fashion.

Named one of America’s top surgeons three years in a row, Adkison is keenly aware of the importance of choosing the best tools available in provision of care. Exscribe EHR is thrilled to be supporting Adkison and his staff while improving their quality of care. Discover what Exscribe can do for you; request a demo here.

headshot of Dr. David Adkison

Dr. David Adkison, MD of St. Vincent’s Orthopedics is a board-certified practicing orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham Alabama, specializing in sports medicine and knee and shoulder surgery. The decorated Navy veteran previously served as Attending Orthopedic Surgeon for the White House Medical Unit and US Capitol Physician’s Office. Dr. Adkison and St. Vincent’s Orthopedics, PC are committed to excellence by pledging to provide the highest quality of orthopedic care possible, specializing in non-operative and operative treatment of musculoskeletal disease and injury. They are located at 2700 10th Ave South, Birmingham, Alabama. 

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