Regional Orthopedic Professional Association Joins the Exscribe Network

Bethlehem, PA, July 7, 2017 – A new organization has chosen the Exscribe network of excellence. Regional Orthopedic Professional Association of Cherry Hill, NJ has committed to Exscribe Inc. to handle its EHR and practice management needs. The 10-provider practice will be able to rely on the efficiency and accuracy of an EHR tailored to orthopaedics. Specialty-specific information will be easier to access, preventing confusion and errors. Most importantly, their new system supports the practice’s mission to “provide the highest standard of professional care…to ensure our patients best interest is first and foremost and to ensure the fastest recovery.” The practice values a team approach to facilitate the best possible outcome for each patient, and Exscribe’s systems will work behind the scenes to support these committed professionals.

About Regional Orthopedic Professional Association

Regional Orthopedic Professional Association provides comprehensive orthopaedic care from their associated satellite locations and rehabilitation centers. The practice has been serving the Cherry Hill community for 40 years with an emphasis on patient dignity and respect. The practice specializes in upper extremity surgery, electrodiagnostic medicine, and physical therapy among other specialties.

About Exscribe Inc.

Looking for a way to better manage his Orthopaedic practice, nationally-renowned orthopedic surgeon Ranjan Sachdev, MD, MBA, CHC founded Exscribe in 2000. A pioneer in the EHR field, Dr. Sachdev worked with a team of Orthopaedists and IT professionals to develop Exscribe Orthopaedic EHR, Ortho10™ and Exscribe Orthopaedic PM. Products designed specifically for Orthopaedic surgeons to help them maintain compliance and profitability in an ever-changing regulatory environment.
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