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How has Exscribe’s EHR affected your practice?

Exscribe’s EHR has made a positive impact on our practice and made things easier by streamlining everything. Exscribe’s tech support team has done a great job installing templates on our EHR.

What has been the most helpful feature or outcome?

One of the best features of Exscribe’s EHR is the ease of having all the patient information in one place, ready, and accessible. Our doctors log in from anywhere. In the past, we would have to find information for them when they were on the road, scan it, and send it.  Now, everything is there at our fingertips.

How did implementation go?

Implementation was good – not as bad as we thought it was going to be. Jason and Alex from Exscribe were great.

The day when we could get rid of paper charts, we had a shredding party!

Any glitches with the software?

I have 4 orthopedic surgeons so it’s like I have 4 practices in 1 service. Exscribe helped us to figure out the complexities of that situation in terms of doing patient charts and have everything sync together. They made everything so smooth that we may soon transition over to Exscribe’s billing.

Were the physicians/staff resistant? What do you think their feedback would be?

At first, the surgeons didn’t want to switch over to Exscribe because they felt that what we were using was working fine. However, once they saw the tutorials and started using Exscribe EHR, they realized how easy it is and they like it. Our doctors have been able to customize everything to their needs.

Why in the selection process did you pick Exscribe? What singled out Exscribe over competitors?

We picked Exscribe over the competition because when we talked to the bigger companies, we felt like a number. People know you when you call Exscribe.

Maria Rabago
Center for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine,
Conroe TX

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and an Exscribe representative will demonstrate for you the power of Exscribe EHR, PM, INCISIVE MD.