Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron, P.C.

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How has Exscribe’s EHR affected your practice?

Exscribe’s EHR has completely changed how we are doing things in a positive way. Of all the great outcomes, being chartless is the best. We used to have 20 or so emails per day asking, “have you seen this chart?” I can’t tell you how many hours were spent finding lost charts. Now, we have patient information at our fingertips on every computer in our office. Exscribe’s EHR has truly improved patient care in countless ways.

Were the physicians/staff resistant? What do you think their feedback would be?

When we started implementation, our doctors were resistant. They knew we had to do it, but they were not looking forward to it. Many staff members have been here for 30 years and were scared of the unknown. They didn’t feel computer savvy enough to transition, so that was our hurdle to overcome. Now if you ask about using the EHR, our staff is thrilled. The only burdensome part to them is dealing with the new MU requirements, but all in all, we cannot imagine not having our EHR at this point.

Why did you choose Exscribe over the competition?

We chose Exscribe because it was the most orthopedic friendly. Other EHRs touted not changing your workflow. But easy isn’t always better. I selected Exscribe from the perspective of how is this going to change our practice for the better.

What was your experience with the sales team?

Exscribe’s sales team is top notch. Their explanation of the product was thorough and there was no high-pressure push to buy their product. Exscribe is quick with answers and when they don’t know the answer, they are honest about it and immediately get back to the practice with the right answer to any question.

What is the ease of use?

Exscribe’s EHR is easy to use. Our practice demanded a lot. We’ve made recommendations to Exscribe, which they have made and even used with others.  They have been responsive to each and every request. It’s a good partnership.

Carrie McLean, Practice Administrator
Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron, P.C.
Port Huron, MI

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and an Exscribe representative will demonstrate for you the power of Exscribe EHR, PM, INCISIVE MD.