EHRs give patients more control [VIDEO]

Many patients have embraced the concept of electronic health records, and it's easy to see why. Patients want to feel empowered - yet up until now they've had very little control over their healthcare.

Doctors use EHRs to capture patient work information [VIDEO]

One of the many benefits of electronic health record systems is they can help healthcare providers capture and compare patient information to gain a deeper understanding of health trends within certain populations and communities.

EHRs help hospitals provide better care [VIDEO]

Is your practice still on the fence about the benefits of EHRs? If so, you should encourage your staff to do a little research.

Essential security tips for clinics with EHR systems

Here are a couple of important strategies that physicians and clinicians can practice in order to mitigate the risk of losing health information.

Advanced orthopedic market revenue to grow to $42.2 billion by 2019

A report conducted by BCC Research analyzed the advancement of the orthopedic market in regard to finances and annual growth rates.

EHRs are a key part of ACOs [VIDEO]

Accountable care organizations are a major part of the future of healthcare.

Is EHR and wearable technology integration around the corner?

Mobile and wearable technology may cause the EHR industry to become disrupted again.

Study uses EHR program and targeted alert system to reduce UTIs

Researchers found that using EHRs and a targeted automatic alert system can reduce urinary tract infections.

Activity levels predict reaction to orthopedic treatments [VIDEO]

As an orthopedic doctor, you know how difficult it can sometimes be to determine how a patient will respond to treatment.

MGH physicians create program based on EHR information

Michael Zalis, M.D., radiologist, and Mitch Harris, Ph.D., chief architect and chief technology officer, created a program called the Queriable Patient Interface Dossier, which analyzes EHR information to provide predictive analytics, patient risk score and data insights.

Installed EHR benefits apparent when Web-based program has outage

What happens when Web-based EHR systems or networks go down?

Improvements in EHR security start with users and IT departments

After a data breach resulted in the copying of 4.5 million patients' data, health care providers should assess their security measures in regard to electronic health records.

2 ACL reconstruction studies examine reinjury

Two studies recently presented by researchers at the Annual Meeting of the American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine examined ACL injuries.

Interoperability between EHRs needs improvement

The lack of EHR system interoperability is causing investigations into the matter and plans to be created.

Study investigates opioid use among orthopedic surgery patients

A recent study sought to determine the effects of multiple postoperative narcotic providers on the number of narcotic prescriptions, duration of narcotics and morphine equivalent dose per day in the orthopedic trauma population.

EHR adoption and patient satisfaction on the rise [VIDEO]

EHR adoption is on the rise, and in some states almost all primary care providers have brought an EHR system into their practice.
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Exscribe is teaming up with Arthrex’s Surgical Outcomes System (SOS), a global registry, cloud-based and tablet-friendly orthopaedic clinical outcomes collection tool to add to its EHR. Surgeons can easily and inexpensively quantify patient outcomes and procedures to address the demands of evidence-based medicine.

Why patients should not fear EHRs

A study found that 13 percent of survey respondents reported that they withheld information from their provider due to privacy and security concerns, but this fear is unfounded in facts.