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Top 5 Uses for Your Orthopaedic Practice Web Portal

For your orthopaedic practice, your web portal can open up a…

What Should An Orthopedic Staff Know About Bundled Payments

Orthopedic surgeons don't get into their profession for the…

Steindler Clinic Implements Exscribe EHR: A Case Study

Steindler Orthopedic Clinic, a leader in providing exceptional orthopedic care, was faced with the same daunting question most medical practices faced: What EHR systems are available on the market that will best serve our unique needs?

EHR System Overhauls Large-Scale Orthopaedic Practice

“Our selection process started with eight EHRs claiming to be orthopaedic-specific, or for whom orthopaedics was a major component of their customer base,” says Gene Austin, CEO at Columbia Orthopaedic Group. Unfortunately, however, very few lived up to the claim.
Ranjan Sachdev MD, MBA, CHC

Improving Efficiency and Your Bottom Line

You've heard the old adage that "necessity is the mother of invention."…
Surgical Revenue Performance Solution


In a strategic move to round out its client offerings and further connect its physician customers to the revenue cycle, Exscribe, Inc., acquired the IncisiveTM suite of software that is designed to optimize financial performance and recapture lost revenue opportunities for specialty surgeons.

Bundled Payments

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The future HIE spending and expansion

  Health information exchanges must produce a return…

AMA Reports Top 10 Challenges Physicians May Face This Year

Over the course of 2014, health care providers experienced a…

What Keeps You Awake At Night?

Exscribe Orthopaedic Healthcare Solutions Can Help You Sleep…

Health information managers work to calm physicians' fears over ICD-10

Over the past few months, one major source of anxiety for some physicians has been the switch to the ICD-10 coding system.

PQRS: How to Earn a Bonus & Avoid a Penalty

CMS designated this year, 2013, as the performance period for…
AAOS 2013 Annual Meeting

AAOS 2013 Annual Meeting

Exscribe's CEO Ranjan Sachdev, MD, will be participating in three…
Breaking it down: Stage 2 Meaningful Use

Breaking it down: Stage 2 Meaningful Use

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released…
Are You Maximizing Your EHR

Are you maximizing your EHR?

In a 2004 state of the union address, President Bush launched…

How To Avoid Audit Risk

As our industry has seen in the last few years, and as evidenced…

Beware - Overpayments Can Sting

Earlier this year, the CMS issued guidance in regards to the…

Redesign Your Practice's Workflow

Whether you have an EHR or are on the verge of investing in one,…