3 Orthopedic Apps to Watch

Immediate access to medical information, thanks to modern advances in technology, has completely changed how many practitioners perform in a variety of surgical, clinical, and patient-related situations. Medical apps are everywhere now, and on pretty much every device. But, finding those that are specifically useful in the orthopedic field can be a little more difficult. The years ahead will surely produce more options as they become easier to produce. In the meantime, here’s a general look at a few that are already available.

Ortho Traumapedia

Ortho Traumapedia is a potentially useful app to use as a quick reference guide when treating patients or surveying an injury. This app is laid out almost like an encyclopedia reference software, offering a layout with introductory tabs that simplify finding the information you are looking for so you can get what you need quickly. A few of the most noteworthy features of this app include:

  • offers the two main categories of orthopedic information, which are fractures and dislocations
  • allows you to select specific bones to see relative injuries
  • suggests treatment options for each type of injury
  • gives easy navigation that makes it possible to switch between informative facts, helpful radiological imagery, and treatment suggestions

AO Surgery Reference 

Surgical procedures are a huge part of orthopedic treatment, which means most orthopedic surgeons will spend much of their time in preparation for specific surgeries. While you could spend hours pouring over various types of research and publications, it can also be helpful to use an app that provides you with quick reference data and information to get you prepared. AO Surgery Reference is an app that is perfect for this part of the surgical process.

This app originally started out as a comprehensive online reference developed by the AO Foundation, but having this reference guide available in app form grants you the advantage of easy access to the guide at any point in treatment. The AO Surgery Reference app gives you:

  • a full anatomical guide with a skeletal model
  • the ability to quickly find x-rays of possible problematic injuries or fractures to be surgically treated
  • in-depth information about surgical procedures involved, along with the necessary skills
  • an aftercare guide to provide to the patient once the surgery has concluded


Just as it is with any specific medical niche, orthopedics is constantly evolving because of the development of new research and information. Therefore, staying in the loop on the latest peer-review articles and publications and additions in orthopedic journals is of great importance to any practitioner. Bonefeed  brings many of these resources together in one, easy-access place so you can quickly pull up feeds for in-depth reading and even some live discussion among your peers. With this app, you can

  • look up relevant publications on specific injuries, procedures, and surgeries in the orthopedic field
  • get real-time access to new additions to important orthopedic journals and the AAOS orthoportal
  • take a look at information across multiple publications for comparison
  • stay up to date with the latest developments in orthopedic treatment and science and rheumatology
  • keep tabs on international orthopedics information with added publication feeds from across the globe

Keeping an orthopedic practice as functional, productive, and progressive as possible means taking advantage of the great ways technology can make treatment, surgery, and daily tasks easier, and apps like these have potential to help. If you are interested in how orthopedic practices will evolve over the next few years, keeping tabs on the newest available apps can be like a little look into the future.  Exscribe doesn’t have any connection to these apps, but it can be interesting to keep track of the technologies.