musical notes

Music Can Reduce Anxiety Before Orthopedic Surgery

New research suggests music can be a viable alternative to sedatives when prepping patients for peripheral...
three computer screens building code for a centralized healthcare directory

Validated Healthcare Directory Not Far in the Future

The ONC convened a second workshop in June 2019 to further work on a centralized...
artificial intelligence program completing body scan showing ribcage of patient

Top 3 Trends in AI and Orthopaedics

Artificial intelligence is slated to improve industries from healthcare to energy, retail and beyond...
practice leader signs mips 2020 attestation

Proposed MIPS 2020 Changes Spark Debate

On July 29, CMS released its proposed updates to the MIPS program. Physician...
ruler describing measurement in feet

ACS/Harvard Pioneer Value Measurement for Surgery

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) and Harvard Business School’s Institute for Strategy and...
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How Voice Recognition Software Enhances Productivity

Voice recognition software can enhance your EHR user experience in multiple ways. You can dictate...
physician and patient handshake

Why SDOH Matter for an Orthopaedic Practice

Social determinants of health (SDOH) have garnered increased attention in recent years, but do they matter...
series of burned matches represent physician burnoutseries of burned matches demonstrate physician burnout

Ease Orthopedic Physician Burnout Now

Burnout. It’s the buzzword overused to describe each daily frustration in a physician’s day...
cybersecurity shield with connected USB drives laptops and CD-ROMS

Avoid a HIPAA Violation: Prepare for Microsoft End of Support

Microsoft has just released its end-of-support list, and healthcare practices need to be aware...
physician examining x ray film

Ancillary Services: Worth It in Orthopaedics?

Ancillary services can be key to increasing practice revenue with careful management. But...
cloud information networks with interconnected lines between them

National Interoperability Gets a Boost

National interoperability is getting a much-needed boost. New and revised drafts from the ONC seek...
amazon homepage with url address

New Alexa Skills and PHI: What You Need to Know

Amazon’s Alexa voice-recognition AI assistant is now capable of performing health-related...
doctor's hands with pen and clipboard writing on a paper form

Value-Based Care: EHR and PM Solutions Position Practices for Success

Value-based care is driving a new wave of regulations affecting providers across the country.
cloud with data points raining from below

The Cloud for Beginners: A Quick Overview on the Healthcare IT Trend

Cloud computing is growing trend for many healthcare organizations looking for cost-effective options...
spilled bottle of unmarked pills

Closing the Education Gap on Opioid Disposal

The opioid epidemic is a complex, multi-faceted health issue and a top concern for all stakeholders...
physician examining images of body parts

Spotlight on Small Practice: 4 Tips to Make the Most of an EHR

Small practices face some tough challenges when it comes to EHR utilization.
physician burnout

Better Integrated EHR Systems Can Reduce Physician Burnout

A recent study of over 15,000 physicians found that 2/3 felt…