EHRs keep patients and doctors connected on the go [VIDEO]


These days everyone is on the go – and that includes doctors. Patients want to be able to have access to their doctors without having to make an appointment, especially if they have important questions about their medications.

To offer the best service, doctors need to have access to patients medical records from anywhere, and with EHRs, they can.

In the past, if patients called doctors who were out of the office because they needed important medical information immediately, a doctor would have to call his office and have someone there look up the patients' files. Now, thanks to EHRs, doctors can quickly and securely pull up patients' files on their mobile devices[m1] or tablets and have access to all the information they need.

Also, easy-to-use patient portals now allow patients to access their EHRs on their own – there's no need to even call their doctor.

Follow the link below for more information on how Exscribe’s Orthopedic [m2] EHR and patient portal [m3] benefit your practice.