The Exscribe orthopedic advantage: Everything under one roof [Video]


Hi everyone!

The Exscribe orthopedic solution offers the convenience of everything orthopedic surgeons need together in one system. Here are three essential components of an orthopedic surgeon's daily workflow that can be found in Exscribe's system.

The first is a patient portal, which is known for improving doctor and patient communication and enhancing patient visits. Patient preparedness allows more focus on face-to-face time and an opportunity for patients to ask questions. 

Patients can also request medication refills, fill out health history forms, view educational information and check test results all in the comfort of their homes. Administrative tasks are drastically reduced as well, such as scheduling appointments and registration.

Physicians will also find practice management software.

Just one click brings surgeons directly to their patients' demographics, insurance details and health care services.

The software also includes a convenient appointment scheduler for maximum in-office production with a setting that displays multiple providers at once.

Meanwhile, electronic billing enables automatic posting of payments, reducing the amount of manual keyboard entries. 

Finally, Exscribe's EHR system has features specifically designed for orthopedic surgeons, eliminating the need for extensive training.

It also caters to both large practices and solo practitioners with the flexibility for customization of templates and documents for further familiarity and comfort.

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