Mid-Year Review: Is Your EHR System Working for You?

A vibrant and robust Electronic Health Records (EHR) system is a vital necessity for today’s orthopedic practice. Finding the right one is likely to be a matter of trial and error. Whether you recently started using a new-to-you EHR system or you are considering a replacement for your current choice, the midpoint of the year is a good time to take stock. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when determining if your current EHR system is working for you.

Does Your EHR Easily Integrate With Other Software?

An EHR that is as nimble as it is full featured is necessary to be seamlessly integrated into other database structures that are in place. It should also have the ability to easily access any future software that your practice might need to tap into. This feature allows for the addition and modification of applications as well while also facilitating the flow of data and information. Is your current EHR integrating seamlessly with the rest of your software?

Is it Customizable for Your Particular Practice?

Chances are that the EHR you chose boasted about its ability to be customized to suit the unique needs of your practice as well as any hospitals or healthcare systems that you need to integrate with. Being able to successfully align your office workflow within the EHR with the other systems you rely on helps increase productivity and reduce wasted time. Check to be sure that your current EHR is delivering this customization as promised.

Is Your EHR Easy to Use?

Your orthopedic practice is busy and booming. While you probably have some time and the willingness to invest in learning to use your EHR, if either seems excessive, you might not have the right system in place for your needs. Having to devote hours of wasted time in trying to learn the intricacies of your EHR system can result in frustration as well as a lack of compliance. Are you and your staff comfortable using your EHR? Do you find yourself getting frustrated when you attempt to search for needed patient information? Can your new hires get up to speed quickly with the EHR?

Does it Protect You and Your Patients?

When it has been properly configured, today’s EHR protects both you and your patients. You are protected from potential liability actions because items such as the evidence of a patient’s consent to a procedure or the process you followed to deliver evidence-based care are able to be easily proven when using the EHR.

With the HIPAA standards requiring certain measures of security and privacy in regards to patient information, the right EHR can support your office in being compliant. An EHR also protects sensitive patient information from outside security breaches. Have you been satisfied with the performance of your current EHR in this area?

How did the EHR system that your orthopedic practice is using now stack up to the above questions? If your current system is Exscribe, you’ll notice that it fully supports all the above markers of a viable EHR system. Not a current user of this innovative system? Contact Exscribe today to learn how you can implement its nimble and vibrant EHR  into your current practice and realize the above goals and benefits.