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How has Exscribe’s EHR affected your practice?

Since implementing Exscribe EHR, our office has become much more efficient.  Exscribe EHR is designed to work as a tool for the physician in the same way as the patient’s paper chart.  It is set up to be very physician friendly from the time the patient checks in until the final check out order.

Our physicians practice in the same way with Exscribe EHR as they did when they used paper charts.  We did not need to reinvent the wheel when treating our patients.

How was implementation?

Implementation with Exscribe EHR has been amazingly smooth. I had heard nightmare stories from other practices who had invested in different EHRs.  After just a month, we were back to scheduling the same number of patients per day for each of our physicians that we did prior to the implementation.

What has been the most helpful feature or outcome?

Exscribe EHR is very physician and clerical friendly. You don’t have to go through a lot of steps to get what you want. The interface with billing was very smooth.

How did implementation go?

Our implementation went very smoothly. Tony from Exscribe was proactive and had everything ready before we went live. He tested our EHR and corrected all the bugs. He was there to help everyone from doctors to the front desk. I can’t remember one glitch from the time we went live.

Were the physicians/staff resistant? 

One doctor was not going to partake in the new EHR. He was going to see how the kick off went and then make his decision.  He could have stayed with the old system but when he saw how smooth the implementation went, he decided to come on board with Exscribe. He’s been happy ever since. All of our doctors are very positive about Exscribe’s EHR.

Why in the selection process did you pick Exscribe?

I had looked at other programs, but my doctors found Exscribe on the AAOS web site. Every other program was geared toward primary care or hospitals. Exscribe was developed by an orthopedic surgeon, so it’s designed to operate the way an orthopedic office runs.

Lee Ann Ford, Practice Administrator
Bowling Green Orthopaedics
Bowling Green, OH

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and an Exscribe representative will demonstrate for you the power of Exscribe EHR, PM, INCISIVE MD.