California Orthopaedic Institute

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What has been your experience with Exscribe’s EHR?

We chose Exscribe due to the cost, the product and the service. I cannot speak more highly of a company than Exscribe because of the level of service we receive.

With a lot of software, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Exscribe implemented the extras we needed without extra costs. Different doctors wanted different categories and drop down menus. That was important to them and we didn’t have to wait for Exscribe to do that customization. In addition, Exscribe trained one of our staff members thoroughly on the software so he can make changes the physicians request. This allows us to be more creative in our daily activities. Being able to tweak and customize our EHR as we grow and change has been a big reason for our success.

One of our EHR’s best features is the efficiency of having the record available instantly. Everybody has been extremely pleased from our clients, to the physicians, to our workers comp community, to referring doctors.

During implementation, Exscribe had really good trainers who worked with us and were willing to listen and set up timelines for the extras that we wanted.

It’s unfortunate to see our peers not jumping on board quicker — even with the re-imbursements offered by the government. The train is here, it’s not coming.

Exscribe’s staff is remarkable for their ability to make the doctors successful with the EHR and with Meaningful Use. Our physicians embraced Exscribe’s EHR and they like the results.

The key to our success has been to designate one person as the liaison with Exscribe. They work as a cohesive unit to make the doctors’ workload more successful, manageable and complete. When the doctors walk out of here at night – they are done because the paperwork is completed instantaneously.

Why in the selection process did you pick Exscribe? What singled out Exscribe over competitors?

I spent a year looking at other products. Our hospital was trying to talk us into purchasing the same EHR that they did. When I attended the AAOS conference and saw an Exscribe demo, I was very impressed that it was orthopedic specific and that it integrated with PACS. What closed the deal is that Exscribe’s founder Dr. Sachdev came to our practice and completed a demo with the surgeons. He thought we were extremely efficient and that Exscribe’s EHR would be a good fit.  In hindsight, we recognize that it was the right decision.

My advice to a practice ready to invest in an EHR is to identify people in the organization who can be that lead and be a partner with your EHR company. We chose someone who wasn’t even in IT. Exscribe showed him everything about the software so he can customize our EHR as we grow and change.

Kenny Lane: Worker’s Compensation Specialist
California Orthopedic Institute

Exscribe is easy to get a hold of and quick to have answers. Their EHR gives you the ability to have everything at a moment’s notice and at the tips of your fingers. I used to spend so much time tracking down charts. I now have answers as soon as people call, which is a tremendous convenience to all involved. In addition, Exscribe has shown me how to do everything that software can do so I can make expedient changes for our physicians.

Joan McComb, Executive Director
California Orthopaedic Institute
San Diego, CA

Give us 30 minutes of your time, and an Exscribe representative will demonstrate for you the power of Exscribe EHR, PM, INCISIVE MD.