Orthopaedic Associates of Manhasset

How has Exscribe’s EHR affected your practice?

Since going live 18 months ago, my practice has been very happy with Exscribe’s EHR. We’re truly saving time and money. We’ve gotten rid of our dictation service, which was costing us $120,000/year, and turned our file room into exam rooms. Plus, our practice has received meaningful use reimbursements and our workflow is much easier. Doctors are getting out earlier or seeing more patients in the same time frame.

The advantage of working with an orthopedic-specific EMR is that it matches the workflow of the orthopedic surgeon. The problem with the others is that they’re geared toward primary care. Exscribe’s EMR gives you the ability to hone down to exactly what you need. Everyone in our office from new doctors to those here for 25 years have found that they finish their day early and spend less time documenting than they did before.

Exscribe’s EMR has streamlined our office and our workflow is much easier and better than ever.

I looked at many orthopedic specific and general EMRs when making our decision. Exscribe gives you the best of both worlds – it the best out-of-the-box product and it gives you the ability to customize it to the practice and physician.

Exscribe’s EMR doesn’t take a lot of computer savvy to figure it out. It’s changed the way we practice and the way we do things. Not only has is saved us money, but it’s made us money.

Were the physicians/staff resistant? What do you think their feedback would be?

Everyone has been very happy with our EMR and the ability to customize it to their needs. They have all seen the power of what this system can do.

David Tuckman, MD
Orthopaedic Associates of Manhasset
Great Neck, NY