The Importance of EHR Software that is Customizable

Changing right before our eyes, the healthcare industry continues to enjoy advances in technology. Fortunately, this is leading to enhanced healthcare practices, including more effective treatment of various conditions. Along with these changes has come the ability to better communicate patient data through the use of electronic health records (EHR). But just the same as advances in technology and medical practices continue to take place, EHR software needs to have the same advancement capabilities too. For now, let’s take a quick look at the top four reasons for investing in EHR software that is customizable.

1) Increased Efficiency

There are a number of medical professionals who have issues with their EHR templates, primarily in regards to the templates not being flexible. When using templates that are not flexible and customizable, this leads to medical professionals not being able to input patient data that is relevant to the condition being treated. As a result, this leads to inefficiency relating to the patient’s treatment. With customizable EHR software, though, templates can be adjusted to meet each patient’s healthcare record needs.

2) Greater Personalization

As stated above, standard EHR templates are designed in a way that they address all patients in the same way. But as you likely already know, no two patients are exactly the same, even when being treated for the same condition. EHR software that can be customized allows each record to be personalized for each patient’s unique situation. Even better is that when the records are shared among different healthcare professionals, the templates can be further personalized to meet each doctors’ needs and preferences. As a result, a full and thorough view of the patient’s entire health condition can be viewed by each healthcare professional that views the patient’s record.

3) Improved Organization

Another reason to take advantage of customizable EHR software is that you no longer have to deal with paper records; this leads to the improved organization in medical offices. Even handwritten notes can be uploaded to the electronic records and stored for later viewing. More importantly, paper records are more apt to get lost, causing important patient data to become inaccessible. With electronic records, though, that are customizable, this enables healthcare professionals to upload all patient data and rest assured that it won’t be lost. Depending on the type of customizable EHR system that is being taken advantage of, the records may be able to be uploaded to the cloud, making them accessible from anywhere that has an Internet connection; this means healthcare professionals can examine patient records from the comfort of their own home.

4) Better Addressment of Emergency

There are standard practices in place for medical emergencies and while many EHR software templates can address these emergencies, when they take place on a larger scale, customization is of the utmost importance. When emergencies take place on a large scale, customizable EHR templates are essential to being able to address these situations in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Take for example a drug recall is taking place. Being able to look up all patients who are prescribed the drug is crucial to being able to contact them to let them know that the drug recall is in place. With an EHR system that is customizable, this makes it possible to take advantage of software tools that help identify and contact all affected patients.