Understanding the Importance of a Custom Orthopedic EHR System

Benefits of an Orthopedic Specific EHR

With a customizable EHR system, your orthopedic practice gains the freedom to accomplish more. You will achieve enhanced readability, meaningful use, optimal customer support, and perfected scalability as your practice grows.

Many orthopedic practices avoid switching EHR systems because they believe it will consume money and time. The truth is, implementing an orthopedic specific EHR system is not near as difficult as most think. In fact, a custom-tailored system expedites the process. You’ll be able to take advantage of specialty-specific templates as well as adaptive smart charting. You’ll even have patient encounter notes are be fully customizable to complement your practice operations.

When it comes to charting, this system enables you to personalize your preferences. You have access to intuitive charting, which leads to less clicking and more time spent on quality patient care. The EHR system is easily connected to local imaging centers and can receive results electronically. You can track patient health data, making it easier to identify any gaps present in patients’ chronic care. Customizable flowsheets can even be created specifically for your practice.

Patient Engagement

With a custom EHR system, patient engagement tools enable you to create tailor-made plans for patients. Studies show the more engaged the patient, the better the results. In fact, patients prefer this. Researchers found that “Patients found it disturbing not knowing what their doctor was doing when they worked on the computer, and preferred seeing the computer screen. This study suggests that clinicians describe what they are doing when using computers, so patients better understand how time spent inputting data benefits them.” A custom tailored EHR system allows you to engage patients with tools designed to educate them on their health. This includes access to pertinent information, like their health records, health history forms, education materials, and more.

Improved Practice Management             

If you want to spend less time on the completion of administrative tasks, and more time on the quality of care of your patients, then practice management is of the utmost importance. Multi-specialty EHR systems, however, lead to labor-intensive redundancies. Too much time is spent sifting through tools and applications that aren’t applicable to you.

A custom EHR system gives an intuitively designed interface and specialty-specific tools to improve record storage and cut down on time spent using the system. This gives more time for engaging with and focusing on quality patient care.

CEO at Columbia Orthopaedic Group, Gene Austin, says “Providers taking advantage of the Exscribe functionality are always more productive. Documentation support for the precertification process is more streamlined with Exscribe, which speeds up patient treatment and aids in the claims filing process. Plus, due to a streamlined documentation process, the Group recouped the software investment within two years.”

The Takeaway

When it comes to orthopedic offices, it is of the utmost importance to take advantage of custom-tailored EHR systems. These types of systems allow orthopedic professionals to coordinate and customize their services to each patient’s needs. More so, it allows them to connect with imaging centers and pharmacies, which will boost service efficiency and effectiveness. If you want to save money and time and boosting patient care, consider the implementation of a custom EHR system.